Pool leak detection Johannesburg

When fountains and swimming pools have leaks it may cause an overkill of water consumption. It ends up becoming very pricey.

Do you think that your pool has a leak?

Below are some points on leaking pools:

  • If your water levels in your pool are constantly dropping and you are always having to top up the water.(At least once every seven days).
  • If your Creepy Crawly or pool cleaner only works for a couple of minutes as the pump starts and then turns off.

Save yourself the hassle and call an expert to come and take a look at the leak and repair the damage.

Pool leak detection Johannesburg  do pool leak detection for water tanks, commercial pools, reservoirs and domestic pools.

Underwater repairs can be done which means that the pool water does not need to be emptied so the client saves water and therefore saves on costs. Also their water footprint is less. No need to refill your pool with underwater repairs!

The pool leak detection process goes as follows:

  1. We have a look at the pools’ suction line
  2. We then test the line.
  3. After that we test the return line.
  4. Next we check the weir to make sure all is in order.
  5. Then we examine the light fittings.
  6. Lastly we take a look at the pools structure

Pool leak detection Johannesburg  have a thorough look at every single aspect of the pool when it comes to checking for a leak. It could be anywhere and caused by anything. We make sure that we inform the client on prevention tips to help them prevent leaks that are within their control in the future.