Gas Leak Detection Johannesburg

Natural gas should be installed in the correct manner and used wisely. Sometimes gas leaks can occur and they can be very hazardous. Gas Leak Detection Johannesburg  may sometimes lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which affects animals and people too.

Carbon monoxide has no taste, colour or smell, making it hard to detect. It’s results can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is found in fumes made by burning fuel in objects such as stoves, cars and fire places. It makes it hard for people and animals to breathe and if you breathe in too much it can kill you. Other symptoms after exposure to carbon monoxide is vomiting, chest pain and dizziness which can be prevented at Gas Leak Detection Johannesburg.

If you ever smell an odour from your gas equipment you shouldcall in a professional for help. If ever there is a gas leak you should evacuate the premises quickly ,take any pets with you.

Call our emergency number , but not from inside the house as it may inflame the gas. Also seek medical treatment. There are some signs for picking up gas leaks in your house.

Some examples are :

  1. Noise near the gas line.
  2. If your houseplants start dying.
  3. A really bad smell, similar to that of rotten eggs.
  4. Your gas bill being more expensive than normal.
  5. Physical symptoms like flu like symptoms, nausea and vomiting, ringing in your ears, nose bleeds, decreased appetite, mood swings, disorientation.