About Us

Our plumbing company specialises in leak detection and has been running for twenty three years. Leak Detection Johannesburg tackle various areas of leak detection such as gas leak detection, swimming pool leak detection, house leak detection and toilet leaks.

Leak Detection Johannesburg pride ourselves on our accuracy and our top of the range equipment. We always make sure our equipment is current and the best of the best. We always make sure we are giving our clients the best value for money, tip top service and all leaks are attended to in a timely manner. The last thing we would want is to keep our valued clients waiting.

Our main focus is water conservation, excellent client service and fair pricing.

We believe water conservation is crucial to the environment as well as to saving our customers money. We save our clients millions of rands all while reducing your water footprint.

Our goals with our clients are to find and put a stop to any water loss, stop any damage or potential damage from water leaks, and to cut down any avoidable water consumption.

Whether it’s water in the ceiling, a high running water meter, a leaking pool ,seeing dampness or finding any water on your property, we have you covered. We will send a team of highly qualified specialists to come as soon as possible to find and repair the leak.

Leak Detection Johannesburg also have a 24 hour emergency line so we are always here to help.

Whether it’s for a call out, to answer questions or for a quote, we are just a phone call away.